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Fascial Stretch Therapy


Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy.

  • =Reduce and help prevent the risk of injury
  • =Improved posture and muscle function, which allows your body to move more freely
  • =Reduce or eliminate pain and soreness
  • =Promote development of body awareness, and increase balance and symmetry in the body
  • =Enhance physical fitness and performance, and helps to reach fitness goals
  • =Improved Recovery and Sleep
  • =Treat headaches, TMJ, vertigo
  • =Improve balance and nervous system disorders
  • =Reduce stress and prevent disease
  • =Improve/Increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion

Fascia is an important part of our body it is made up of gristly connective tissue consists of bunch of collagen fibers that are closely packed. Fascia is lithe and able to oppose great stress and other effects that harm our body. The main purpose of fascia in our body is to surround muscles.

Fascia is basically passive structures that mainly transfer outer body activities to the internal part of the body for proper function. Muscle fascia helps to trim down friction of muscular force. Fascia acts as a covering around nerves and blood vessels and offers them support.

Fascia is no doubt very important in our body, but due to some reason like injury, mobility problem during old age or any muscle stress causes fascia of our body which reduce strength as well as the power of our body. Sometimes we feel muscle pain but don’t know the exact reason in that case your body needs Fascial Stretch Therapy from a professional therapist  so that you can live and enjoy your life.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is still pretty unknown to most of the general public, although it is growing rapidly throughout the country, and the world. Professional teams and athletes have been using it for years as part of their treatment programs. The Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers all have FST therapists as part of their staff. The 2015 USA Women’s World Champion Soccer Team had an FST therapist as well. All over the country teams and pro athletes from all sports are starting to hire FST therapists (if they haven’t already) because of how beneficial the treatment is.

It is not just a treatment for athletes though, it benefits people of all ages and activity levels. We lose 10% of our flexibility for every 10 years that we age unless we actively work at maintaining it. Desk workers LOVE this treatment because of how immobile their bodies have become from sitting hunched over all day. There are new discoveries everyday in the continued research of fascia, and how treatment that targets this soft tissue component of our body positively affects us.




  • "I have been using Kelly for many months now, and I highly recommend her services. Before treatments I flt weaker and not able to exercise properly. I'm in my 70s and physical fitness is of primary importance to me. Since being on the treatments, every 2 weeks, I notice improved strength and less pain after exercising. Now I can push the limits at the gym and not be afraid of injuring myself."

    George L.

  • “I had seen several MDs, a chiropractor, massage therapist and a DO that did acupuncture in the past and yet I continued to have chronic back pain. I was only 30 but I thought I was destined to have pain everyday... I have now been seeing Kelly for a little over a year, my initial hope for just a little back pain relief has been met and exceeded.  She has changed my life completely.  Kelly has helped me change my diet, remove toxins from my life, be more active, live pain free, and be more mindful of my body and spirit. In the last year I have lost 63 pounds (that’s 5 pant sizes!), I have gone off my depression meds, I have reversed a heart condition and gone off my heart meds, my acne has cleared up, my cholesterol dropped over 100 points, I’ve gained energy, confidence and the ability to live pain free while keeping up with my kids!"

    Erin Q.

  • “Kelly is magical with her hands. With one session she was able to discover all of my weak points and areas I need help stabilizing and releasing. She worked her magic and got my psoas firing like never before. She then went to my diaphragm and showed me a simple technique to help release all the tension built up that was affecting my breathing. The results blew me away (pun intended). I continue to use all of the exercises she taught me before my workouts to help fire up my stabilizers and keep my breathing regular. Since working with her I have gained 10 lbs of lean body mass, and improved my balance all without re-aggravating my herniated disk.”

    John T - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist