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Primal Movement Therapy


If you were alive 5,000 years ago, what do you think you would look like? Most likely you would be lean, strong and fit, with a well-proportioned body. You would be a very athletic and active version of your current self. And the best part is you wouldn’t have to step foot into a gym and “workout” to get these impressive results.
You would likely be walking over five miles per day, sprinting to chase animals you would eat, cutting down trees, lifting logs, building shelter, all of which would require you to use your entire body.
Our bodies are an amazing complex web of interconnected muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones and other tissues and organs that work synchronously and seamlessly. When we are lean and fit, every cubic centimeter of our bodies has a purpose, a function to help us survive and thrive.  Primal is survival.  We are programmed to survive. 
As we grow and experience the harshness of life (i.e. injuries, physical and emotional traumas, inadequate nutrition, poor lifestyle choices, conforming to the sedentary world of today, etc.) this primal instinct system becomes underused and abused.

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes occur out of nowhere beginning to manifest themselves as a result. Weakness and frailty are commonplace today. We were not meant to just coast through life having to deal with pain and injury. We can take back control by remembering and experiencing how to move the way we learned to move in the first place. No matter who we are or where we are in life we all learned to move the same way.

Getting back to primal ground based movement is key. We were all given the baseline template for building a strong and functional body. If we can get back to basics and hit the primal “reset button’’ we can restore and re-establish the power or surviving and thriving. 

Primal Movement Chains are designed to do just that. The key to Primal Movement Chains effectiveness is ensuring the brain/body feel safe (stable) in chosen movements and slowly begin challenging that stabilization in fundamental patterns. If the brain feels threatened it will not allow the learning of a new movement pattern. It’s learning capability takes a back seat to self-protection.

However, going down to the ground a making the brain feel safer takes the “brakes” off movement. Movement is the language of the brain. Bring attention to movement and you ignite new patterns of learning ways to correct dysfunctional movement and replace it with functional movement patterns.




  • "I have been using Kelly for many months now, and I highly recommend her services. Before treatments I flt weaker and not able to exercise properly. I'm in my 70s and physical fitness is of primary importance to me. Since being on the treatments, every 2 weeks, I notice improved strength and less pain after exercising. Now I can push the limits at the gym and not be afraid of injuring myself."

    George L.

  • “I had seen several MDs, a chiropractor, massage therapist and a DO that did acupuncture in the past and yet I continued to have chronic back pain. I was only 30 but I thought I was destined to have pain everyday... I have now been seeing Kelly for a little over a year, my initial hope for just a little back pain relief has been met and exceeded.  She has changed my life completely.  Kelly has helped me change my diet, remove toxins from my life, be more active, live pain free, and be more mindful of my body and spirit. In the last year I have lost 63 pounds (that’s 5 pant sizes!), I have gone off my depression meds, I have reversed a heart condition and gone off my heart meds, my acne has cleared up, my cholesterol dropped over 100 points, I’ve gained energy, confidence and the ability to live pain free while keeping up with my kids!"

    Erin Q.

  • “Kelly is magical with her hands. With one session she was able to discover all of my weak points and areas I need help stabilizing and releasing. She worked her magic and got my psoas firing like never before. She then went to my diaphragm and showed me a simple technique to help release all the tension built up that was affecting my breathing. The results blew me away (pun intended). I continue to use all of the exercises she taught me before my workouts to help fire up my stabilizers and keep my breathing regular. Since working with her I have gained 10 lbs of lean body mass, and improved my balance all without re-aggravating my herniated disk.”

    John T - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist